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Upload a file to the Grade Center

Target Audience: Instructor

Any file you upload that contains an "Incomplete" for a grade entry will be set to null, with no grade or text displayed. Any file you upload that contains "Complete" for a grade entry will be set to an override grade of the maximum points possible (100% for a grade item) in a column that has the primary display of Complete/incomplete. Any file you upload that contains a numeric entry will be a numeric entry.

  1. Access the Work Offline menu and select Upload.
  2. Browse for the file on your computer or from the Content Collection if you have access to it.
  3. Select the delimiter type: Comma, Tab, or Auto. If you choose Auto, the system attempts to automatically detect the delimiter used in the selected file.
  4. Select Submit to upload the file.
  5. On the Upload Grades Confirmation page, review the list of data from the file you want to upload. Clear the check boxes for any data to be excluded from the upload. With this method, you can upload only the columns of data you want from the file.

    Review the Data Preview column to check that the correct data is being uploaded. Data that appears incorrectly can denote an improperly formatted file. The data preview only shows a sample of the data in each column in the file.

  6. Large files take significant time to process and a warning message appears for files that need extra time to process. To avoid long processing times, break up large files into separate uploads.
  7. Select Submit to confirm and upload the file.