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Turnitin Feedback Studio

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Turnitin is an assignment tool in NTULearn. It can be used to check the originality of the essay assignments submitted by the students. When students submit their assignments, reports, dissertations via Turnitin, the submitted papers will be compared against the massive student papers, archived and active web pages, ebooks, journal articles and publications in Turnitin repositories. A Similarity Report which highlights possible matching text, incomplete or improper citations and references will be generated for instructors and students to review the paper submissions. Using Revision Paper or Peer Review Assignment, students will learn and improve their academic writing through constant revision of their submissions based on the feedback from the Turnitin system, their instructors and peers.

To get acquainted with the upgraded Turnitin Feedback Studio, watch the following video on:

Turnitin Feedback Studio Walkthrough 


You can also refer to the following resources from Turnitin to: