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Lecture Recording/CCCLR

In 2010, under the Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) initiative, the Centralised Command Centre for Lecture Recording (CCCLR) to provide lecture video recording services at NTU was conceived. The main objective of CCCLR was to enhance the quality of lecture recordings and scale up the quantity of lecture sessions. To achieve this, lecture recording operations, once done locally on-site at the 40 lecture theatres across campus, were connected to a centralised command centre at CITS to monitor and carry out the video lecture recordings remotely. 

The lecture video recording service is now available in all common lecture theatres (LT 1 to LT 29, including LT1A, 2A, 19A, TCL-LT, LKC-LT, South Spine Learning Hub LT120) and selected school-based lecture theatres or seminar rooms (SBS CR1, SCBE LT, SCBE SR 1 and 2, SPMS LT 1 to 5).

How can students benefit from the recorded video lectures?
Alternative uses for lecture recordings