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OASIS (Online Assessment System with Integrated Study) is a web-based assessment system developed by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Auckland. It allows students to do practice questions and sit online tests for their courses. OASIS makes an excellent learning tool for students because it provides questions for practice, and its instant marking capability also offers helpful feedback for the students to check their understanding and monitor their progress. OASIS also saves staff from marking assessments manually and therefore eliminates human error in the marking.

Benefits and the Features as follows:

  • It's Zero Licensing or Test Delivery Fees
  • Able to create Quiz/Test with MCQ as well as a fill in the blanks
  • It able to Scheduled Tests/Quizzes
  • Timed Tests/Quizzes that has auto submission
  • Able to review questions & answers after exam
  • Smart Marking script based - Variation of marks assigned for different questions
  • Able to Manage and Control User Access
  • Import Students and Staff into the courses
  • With dynamic images and able to add text onto image 

    circuit Diagram, Graph Nodes, Tree nodes etc..

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