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This knowledge base consists of frequently asked questions, guides, video tutorials and references on the use of NTULearn, the NTU Learning Management System, and related eLearning services and applications available at NTU. Simply type your keyword(s) in the above Search omnibox to start using the Knowledge Base. You can also browse through the catalogue of tools/applications in the Contents sidebar on the left to learn more about the tools/applications.


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NTULearn and Related Tools
When creating an assessment activity, can I allow students to retry an assessment if they did not get it right the first time?
Where can I find more information on course registration matters?
How to add a question to an assessment
How to download assignments
Why am I asked to log in to NTULearn when I try to view the lecture recording?
Do I need to login with my username and password?
How to access my course sites
How long does it take for Turnitin to process Similarity Report?
How do I rectify Error 230 that my students encountered when accessing the Turnitin assignment?

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