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eUreka is an online Project Management Tool that can be used by faculty and students to encourage creation and discovery of knowledge. It is integrated within NTULearn and can be used easily to support any forms of collaborative project-based learning. eUreka also supports Peer Evaluation and Assessment through the use of online Rubrics and can be used to support Outcome Assessment.

Project Work is an important and essential part of the NTU curriculum.
eUreka facilitates collaboration on Project Work activities and information sharing with built-in tools that allow you to:

  • share project files;
  • put up project announcements;
  • send private messages;
  • collaborate in blogs and discussion forums and
  • record your own learning reflections.

It provides a useful online tool to help you plan and manage your Project Work under the mentorship of your supervisor. You can also setup your own Project Work group with your schoolmates for academic and/or non-academic purposes. Once inside the online Project Work environment, you can set timelines to track and monitor project progress along several tasks and activities throughout the project duration. This helps to ensure all project members are on the same page on the project progress. Last but not least, it provides an online platform for you to meet your project supervisor and other project team members virtually. This will save your time for face-to-face physical project meetings.


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