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How to Re-process Similarity Report

Target Audience: Instructor

Since new material is constantly entering Turnitin’s repositories from ongoing internet crawls, new publication content, and submissions made to Turnitin, it is sometimes beneficial to generate a new Similarity Report for a student submission at a later date to see if there are any new matching sources, or to ensure that it checks against later submissions made by other students or other classes.

The option to refresh a report is available on the Similarity Report once it has opened. The current report is deleted and a new report is generated. Please note that no report will be available until the new report has finished. If the user wishes, they can save or print a copy of the existing report before selecting the New Report option in the Filter and Settings sidebar to have a new Similarity Report generated.

1. In Document View page of the Turnitin Similarity Report, click on the Filter and Settings icon at the bottom of the page

2. Click New Report to produce a new report