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How to use ConnectTxt

Target Audience : Instructor

To use BBConnectTxt, from your course site in NTULearn:


1. Click on the Course Tools on the left hand side menu of your course site.

2. Click on Send SMS.




3. Click on the Compose tab.



4. In the Compose page:



If you wish to send to all or to a selected few students in your course, click on the Browse button under Select Recipients.

If you have used the Groups function in your course site and would like to send an SMS message to specific groups, click on the Browse button under Select Recipients Groups


5. Enter your message you wish to send out or select predefined scripts in the Select a Script or Create a New Message.


6. Select when you wish to send out the messages.

You can select sending the message now or scheduling it for a future date in Date & Time icon.


7. Once you are satisfied with the recipients, message, and date and time to send out the message, click on the Submit button.