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How to trim recorded video using AcuConsole 8

Target Audience : Instructor 

To edit the lecture recording

1. Please download the lecture recording  files


For more details click HERE


2. Open the lecture recording file which was downloaded


To open the downloaded lecture recording file by clicking the button.


From AcuConsole


3. Select the File to edit > click Open


4. To edit / trim the video (‘Video Trim’ removes unwanted portions of the video)

5. Click on Panel drop down menu > Select Trim



The top section (blue rectangle) represents the position of playback of the entire length of video.

The bottom blue bar shows the length of the current selection. 

The purple diamond allows you to select the precise timing by click and drag.

Click on the Mark In and Mark Out to select the section to be trimmed.


Select the ‘Tick’ to confirm.



6. Save the trimmed video


7. Once saved, select the Publish drop box > Select Network



8. Ensure the folllowing details are set and available:


Company: blackboard
Userid and password (NTU SSO)



9. Choose the appropriate course and folder as shown below:




  • Guide sample based on Version 7 lecture recording. Even though the PC has been installed with the latest version, AcuConsole Software will auto trigger based on which version it was recorded.
  • The differences between Version 7 and Version 8 took effect from Step 5 onwards.