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How to Create and Start AcuConference Session

Target Audience : Instructor

NTU faculty and staff, who has access to NTULearn course site as Instructors or Teaching Assistants can download and install AcuConference in their computers or mobile devices to create and start a web conference session using AcuConference.


Once created, the link of the AcuConference session will be posted in the selected NTULearn course site and send to the user (the Host of the conference session) via email.


The Host can then forward the email notification to the participants for them to join the conference session.


Faculty or staff who does not have a NTULearn course site can get the School Support Team to create a non-curriculum course site for him to create the AcuConference session.


Please refer to the AcuConference User Guide for details on how to use the AcuConference application to share documents, screen and facilitate in the online conference session.