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How to Join AcuConference Session

Target Audience : Instructor

Before you join an AcuConference web conference session, download and install the AcuConference client application in your computer or the AcuConference mobile app in your mobile devices.


Once installed, you can join any active AcuConference web conference session made available to you via the link posted in the NTULearn course site or the web link sent by the conference's Host (usually the course instructor).


If you are using the AcuConference mobile app, you can search and join any active conference sessions available using the following settings:


Server: presentur.ntu.edu.sg

AcuManager: Blackboard


User:  the Host's NTU network account username


Please refer to the AcuConference User Guide for details on how to use the AcuConference application to share documents, screen and facilitate in the online conference session.