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How to convert and upload the media files (All types)

Target Audience : Instructor

Converting and uploading media files


1. From the main menu, select ‘Convert/ Upload’




2. Select ‘Import Media Files’ and click ‘Next’




3. Select ‘Add File’ to select and convert media files or ‘Add Dir’ to convert all media files in that folder.


4. Click ‘Next’




5. Select the profile that you want to encode and whether you want to convert or convert and also upload to the AcuManager.


*The converted file is saved as acmx in Documents\AcuStudio\autosave (can be configured in ‘Settings’ for ‘Batch Upload)



If you have chosen to ‘Convert and Publish to Network’, you will be prompted to login to AcuManager.



6. Enter the required information and determine who can access this recording.



7. After that, just click ‘Start’ to convert and upload



8. After the conversion/uploading has completed, you can click on the file to view the converted file in AcuStudio player:  




Note: The files that need to be converted can be any format that can be played by a media player.


There is no restriction to size and resolution of the source file. However you can only upload files of 4GB or less to Presentur due to IIS restriction.