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How to Access iThenticate Originality Checking Tool

Target Audience : Instructor / Student

At NTU, faculty, research staff and graduates can use the iThenticate to check their research papers, dissertations, theses and pre-published papers for possible text matching against internet web pages, publications and electronic databases subscribed by iThenticate. The results, called Similarity Report (also known as Originality Report), can then be shared with their fellow colleagues and supervisors before submission to external examiners or publishers.

NTU users should access iThenticate from NTULearn.

NTU users' iThenticate account must be created via the module link provided in NTULearn. If you create your iThenticate account at iThenticate website directly, you will not be able to submit any paper for originality check. In such case, please email to ServiceDesk to ask for your iThenticate account to be re-activated.

1. Login to NTULearn and browse to the Tools portal tab.

2. Scroll down the page to the iThenticate Originality Check module and click the link to access iThenticate link.

3. If you are accessing the link for the first time, your iThenticate account will be created automatically with your NTU email address (____@ntu.edu.sg). An email notification from iThenticate Support will be sent to you to reset the password.

4. Once the account has been created, you can access iThenticate via the link provided in this iThenticate Originality Check module subsequently.

For live training webcasts, video tutorials and guides on using iThenticate, please refer to iThenticate website at: http://www.ithenticate.com/training.