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How to create a new lecture recording schedule

Target Audience: Instructor

If you need to add a new lecture schedule (e.g., for a make-up lecture): 

1. On the Schedule page, click [Create Schedule].

2. On the Create Schedule page, enter the information for the lecture to be recorded. Click [Submit].


Scheduling a lecture recording using the AcuSchedule tool does not include the booking of the venue selected. Please book the venue via the StaffLink separately.

The venue of the lecture is as shown in the Studio ID field. Selecting LT26-PC1 and/or LT26-PC2 from the Studio ID list, for instance, will schedule the lecture to be recorded at LT 26.

Please schedule the recording on both –PC1 and –PC2 (you will need to create the schedule twice) so that one could act as a backup recording in case the other fails to operate.