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How to solve the internet compatibility issues

Target Audience: Instructor

Some Internet Explorer users may experience issues accessing NTULearn such as, missing or hidden menu options as shown below.



1. Under [Tools] in the menu bar, select [Compatibility View settings] as shown below. 

    For IE 8 and 9: You may have to make the IE menu bar visible by tapping on the Alt key. 

    For IE 10 in Windows 8 OS: You must be in Desktop mode.

2. Check if "" is added to [Websites you've added to Compatibility View] as shown below. 

    If so, please remove it from the list and uncheck the three boxes below (this does not apply for IE 11).

3. Click [Close] to save the settings and exit.

4. Close and reopen the browser. The compatibility issue should be resolved.