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How to convert (from .acm to .acmx)

Target Audience : Instructor

Note: The conversion tool to convert the older version of AcuStudio recording (.acm files) is only available in AcuConsole 7 (Version 7).

You need to installed AcuConsole 7 for the conversion.

Once installed, you can use the Batch Upload tool to convert the old version recording (.acm files) to the newer .acmx format.

1. At the taskbar, right click the ‘AcuConsole 7’ icon and select ‘Batch Upload’ 




2. The AcuStudio Uploader programs appears. Select ‘Acm to Acmx’ and click ‘Next’. 


3. Click ‘Add File’ to add acm files individually or ‘Add Dir’ to add all acm files in that folder.

4. Click ‘Next

5. Enter the desired properties for the slide video and choose whether to ‘Convert only’ or ‘Convert and Publish to Network

If you chose to publish to network, you will be prompted to log in to the AcuManager.


6. The following settings should be applied:


Server: presentur.ntu.edu.sg


Company: blackboard


Username and Password: Your usual Username and Password.


The files to be converted and uploaded are listed.


7. Click ‘Start’ to start converting and uploading.