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How to retrieve lecture materials from the past semester(s)

Target Audience : Student

The course sites for previous semesters course sites are made unavailable to staff and students once the semester ended. To access the course sites for previous semester/year, you have to obtain permission from the course instructor first. Once the permission has been granted, you can email to servicedesk@ntu.edu.sg to re-open the course site for you to access.

Do include the following information in your email:

  • Your Name as shown in the Matric Card:
  • Matric Card No. School:
  • Year of Study:
  • Course ID(s) of course(s) you wish to access:
  • Course Title(s):
  • Name of Course Instructor(s) granting the permission for you to access the course site (do attach the email exchanges) Start Date and End Date for accessing the course site